Save Our Films

For every generation of artists, old and young alike, the most important thing for the creative minds to flourish is knowing our roots and where we came from, because our history defines us. True art is built upon a solid foundation and must withstand the test of time, like a cherry tree, the deeper it rooted in mother earth the more nourishments it drew out to give its blossoms vivid colors and sweet fragrant in spring. The “Save Our Films” project is aimed at raising awareness amongst young Vietnamese American about the rich cinema heritage of our old country, the Republic of Vietnam (pre-1975). The once short-lived but most reminisce about pop-culture, in the city so beloved by many of its citizens and neighboring countries alike, it coined the term “Saigon, the Pearl of Southeast Asia” during the 60s and 70s. This is the last effort to find, restore, and preserve all films made in that era. Most are in 16mm and 35mm cellulose acetate film stocks, and if survived up until this day, will be close to 50 years old, the images will already be in the process of heavy deteriorating and completely fading away. These films are for the new generations of Vietnamese American as well as all other cinema enthusiast to enjoy, appreciate, and learn about this unique retro pop-culture. Once restored and preserved, the films will live on forever in the digital era. They are yesterday's films for tomorrow. #saveourfilms